Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unwinding at Baltimore Chop

I had Tuesday night all to myself, and given my regular craving for books, books and more books, I headed down to Baltimore Chop for literature and entertainment. According to its website, Baltimore Chop was hosting a New York-based band for a chill night of folksy-pop. Count me in.

While the name Baltimore Chop always strikes me as odd for a bookstore, it's always a welcome respite for my inner nerd. (According to Wikipedia, the Baltimore Chop was a hitting technique used in baseball's dead-ball era and popularized by the O's). The store is a typical Baltimore rowhome with original hardwood floors and stacks and stacks of books. If chaos or clutter aren't your things, don't bother visiting. The owner, while super laid back and friendly, isn't much of an organizer. But the shop is cozy with a variety of books and a sweet selection of coffees.

Tuesday night, though, I settled for hot lime tea and excerpts from Augusten Burrough's "Magical Thinking", a collection of short, funny stories of his life. The visiting band, Benyaro, was a brother-sister duo who played sets for the next couple of hours. Overall they had a pleasant sound, but the brother's voice was rich and dynamic, while the big sister's voice was lackluster and predictable. (Good thing he's leaving her behind for his solo tour across the U.S.).

For good books, live music and an intimate setting, check out Baltimore Chop in Ridgely's Delight.

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