Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Celebrating the radio

Last night was the first time Joe and I had seen each other in three days, so when I got home from work, we headed to Fell's Point in search of, as usual, outdoor tables for two. After three miserable attempts to parallel park across from Meli, I continued down the block until we decided on John Steven.

We'd eaten here for lunch, but we'd always heard the back patio was great. The back patio looked nice enough, but there was a huge awning over the tables, so you weren't actually exposed to the sky. No thank you. We settled for a table on the street facing the water. We snagged a bottle of Fifth Leg, a Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc blend, and some calamari and settled back in our chairs to relax. He had a caesar salad with grilled shrimp, and I had grilled tuna with sesame seeds and ginger sauce, accompanied by rice and veggies. Overall, it was a decent meal, but I don't think we'll be rushing back anytime soon. I will say though, the view sitting on Thames Street looking out over cobblestone roads and historic brick buildings on tree-lined streets isn't half bad. And the breeze coming off the water was just heaven. Warm breezes like those always affirm my love for summer evenings.

But while we were sitting there leisurely sipping chilled wine, we heard that Joe's band, the Aeroport Rocking Chairs, was about to come on the radio! Hence, the end of a leisurely meal. He sped off to the car to tune in while I wrapped up the check, and then we drove around town until it came on.

And oh my gosh. You've never seen a happier guy. This was their radio debut on WTMD, 89.7. "And next up, the latest from the Aeroport Rocking Chairs, Hold On To Me from their new album, YourEvolution." AH!

So then of COURSE we had to celebrate somewhere. I mean, come on. In usual Meghan and Joe style, we do our partying on Monday evenings when nothing is open in Baltimore. Except our tried and true Wine Market. Back again for dessert and a half price bottle of Miyone Old Vine Grenacha from Spain. (Mondays are "Neighborhood Night" and select bottles of wine are half price. A very nice selection to choose from, I must say). It was medium bodied and fruity and went surprisingly well with our Lavendar Fig bread pudding.

And once again, surprise surprise, we were the last ones out. We offered to let someone at the restaurant pick up our bill for us, but amazingly no one jumped at the opportunity. Oh well. There's always next Monday.

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