Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cross one off

So I'm a little out of order with my posts, but I thought this was worth mentioning. We went to Lemongrass Tuesday night. It's been on our "need to go" list for a while.

Lemongrass, the Thai fusion restaurant that originated in Annapolis and is now open in downtown Baltimore, has an amazing outdoor dining area. Tsunami and Lemongrass share the outdoor dining space, which is in between the two restaurants and not visible from the road.

The outdoor area is about the size of a rowhouse, and I could honestly live there full-time (given perfect weather year round and no rain, of course). The exposed brick walls have been painted a tan color, and about 10 old wooden beams are the only things separating you from the sky. A simple, sleek bar divides the terrace in the middle, and soft lighting makes for an intimate setting. Super chic.

Since we have a tendency to go out on odd nights of the week, such as this Tuesday evening, there weren't too many people hanging out. However our waiter, who we'll just call "Awesome" for privacy sake, was FULL of stories. Joe and I are suckers for burgeoning artists, and this struggling poet was hungry for an audience. And I learned way more than I was comfortable knowing about certain businesses. Let's just say Tony Soprano had nothing on our waiter.

Had an appetizer tray of chicken satay, spring rolls, crispy wontons and fried calamari with a glass of Arrogant Frog Chardonnay. We'd intended to stay only for a drink and appetizer, but surprise, surprise, we ordered dinner. (Give us a good outdoor table, and we'll camp out all night!). The Pad Thai Tofu was a delicious vegetarian option.

We'll be back for outdoor cocktails in the next two weeks, I bet.

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