Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seedless watermelons are no fun

I know I just posted an entry, but I have something to get off my chest. What is the deal with seedless watermelons?

I stopped at Wegman's this morning to pick up a watermelon for a radio contest for a client. The deejays planned to have a watermelon seed-spitting contest on-air. I saw bins and bins of seedless watermelons that had dwindling supply, and only one bin of "whole" watermelons. I bought a "whole" watermelon (which, by the way, shouldn't need any special "whole" label since it is the original watermelon form) and cracked it open at the station for the deejays. We were SHOCKED at the lack of shiny black seeds. Where did they go? The "whole" watermelon had tiny little white seeds that I guess are supposed to count, but those aren't spitting material!

Given the lack of spitting ammunition, the deejays settled for spitting chunks of watermelon instead of seeds, so it all worked out in the end. But I must say I'm disgusted at yet another display of American laziness as we genetically alter the true forms of our produce to make them easier to eat. Ew.

I'll take a shiny black seed-spitting contest any day over a face full of mutant watermelon any day. Just don't swallow the seeds. My dad, probably like yours, always warned I'd grow a watermelon in my stomach. No thanks.

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Timothy said...

What's this thing growing out of my belly-button? If it starts sprouting then give it a few weeks...PARTY TIME! I just hope its not the genetically-altered, laziness-inducing, sending the American public to Hell-in-a-handbasket type. I'd be soooo disappointed.