Friday, July 18, 2008

Crab feast is right

Last night was my annual company crab feast, and I certainly had my fill. My lips were red and burning from the Old Bay, and my skin was red up to my wrists. I held nothing back.

But while I was busy indulging, I was surprised at the number of native Marylanders around me that have sworn off crabs. They are "too messy", "it's too much work", or "crabs are scavengers. Do you really want to know what you're eating?" And this coming from so-called "manly men".

So what gives? I'm not a native Marylander, and I don't give worship the always-acceptable seasoning that is Old Bay, but I can appreciate a good crab feast. Who can deny cold beer, brown paper tablecloths and messy hands all over some friendly conversation?

Oh well. More for me.

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