Friday, February 27, 2009


This is a totally gross post, but it does revolve around food. Sort of.

Embarrassingly enough, I noticed mice droppings behind our faucet on the kitchen sink a few days ago. Joe kindly cleaned them up, and we vowed to keep an eye out for more droppings that would indicate we had an actual active mouse - not a one-time visitor.

Well, I found our dear mouse today when I pulled the trash bag out of the kitchen trash can. Oh yeah. At first I thought our trash just really stunk until I leaned closer to the actual can. Hmmm. Stronger. And wait...that's not a green pepper on the bottom of the trash can. Unless the pepper had a tail.

Uh huh, yeah. In a terribly ironic twist of fate, our house mouse appears to have been crushed by the very food that he tried so hard to reach. Tsk, tsk.

Of COURSE Joe wasn't home for my revelation, so I screamed bloody murder on my own and ran around like a totally spastic girlie-girl. I'M SO GROSSED OUT! I managed to carry the toxic trash can out our front door where it sits waiting for Joe to come home and dispose.

I am so thoroughly grossed out right now and want to bomb my apartment. Don't they do that for insects? That tenting thing? Must download music and distract myself.

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