Monday, February 9, 2009

Della Notte and Ol' Blue Eyes

Joe's best friend, Ben, came down to Baltimore Friday night to get a change of scenery from his simulator flight classes. (He was in Delaware learning to fly a new plane for his company's fleet). I had spent the day cooped up in the back seat of a cab, riding around D.C., soliciting pedestrians to get in our free cab and tell us about their jobs. All in the name of a client conference video. Joe had just come off a 36-hour call night at the hospital without a wink of sleep.

Our sorry butts needed a good night out!

I'd passed Della Notte on the corner of President and Fleet St. a million times, and I'd always wanted to go. It looked slightly cheesy from the outside, but so do all the good Italian joints in little Italy! And I'd heard it had a piano bar!

Joe and Ben got there before me and, praise God, had a glass of Champagne waiting for me on the table. That was my one wish as I toppled out of my colleague's car and dragged my cab-smelling self inside. (Am I painting a pretty picture?)

The piano man was great! He immediately put me in a great mood, and the three of us became his biggest fans for the next two hours. Larry Scott played all our favorite Sinatra tunes, plus a little Dino and Buble to round it out. He even surprised us and threw in some trumpet for sass! I loved it!

By the time we ordered dinner, I was happy as a clam with my Champagne and live music. The never-ending Restaurant Week was still at large, but I simply ordered the Bucatini - Chanterelles, Royal Trumpets, pancetta, garlic, white wine, chicken stock, Mascarpone cream sauce, and truffle oil. To die for.

Ben came back to our place for a bit before hitting the road back to Delaware. We love our visits with Ben. He set us up on our blind date, so I'm forever thankful for having crossed his path one random brunch. Pretty soon we'll be visiting Ben, Melissa and baby Emma, so we've got to soak up all our quiet, uninterrupted visits until April :) In all seriousness, we can't wait to meet Emma Grace and see Ben as a dad. Here's to another great Dolan!

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