Monday, October 20, 2008

J'aime Petit Louis!

Last night we went to Petit Louis for a much overdue "real" dinner. We've been trying to be super conscientious about eating what we have at home instead of going out, but it's so tempting! Joe suggested Petit Louis, and who am I to argue? Fine, twist my arm...

He took care of ordering the wine (a beautiful Chateau Cordet Margaux, 2004), and I manned the menu. There were so many gorgeous items to choose from, so I ordered a selection of small plates instead of entrees. (We were both hoping to be inspired for our own home cooking!)

We weren't disappointed. We shared the following (partially taken from the Petit Louis menu):
  • Pommes Frites (French fries served in a triangular basket. I saw them on someone else's table and couldn't say no).
  • Aubergines Croquantes (Crispy Eggplant Napoléon, Tomato, Chèvre)
  • Terrine à la mode Landaise (Foie Gras Terrine, Toast Points)
  • Salade de Betteraves (Beets, Chèvre, Mâche, Raspberry Dijon Vinaigrette)
  • Local salad special (Local lettuces and herbs, tossed in a house dressing)
  • Seared scallop special (No idea what was in this, but it was divine. None of the usual "fishy" smells that scallops often have).
We had one of our first dates at Petit Louis, and we've celebrated other events there too, but it was nice to be there on an average, nothing special kind of Sunday. The place was packed, so clearly the economy hasn't put a damper on high-end dining. Thank goodness!

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