Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beet salad for a farm day

I spent all day Sunday at my clients' farm, hosting a foodies event for TasteDC. My client is a local high-end beef producer, so to emphasize the benefits of eating locally sourced foods, I volunteered to prepare a beet salad and fresh garden salad for 20 people, using only produce from the farmers market.

Saturday morning I schlepped down to the Waverly market in baseball cap and pajamas and gathered as many beets as I could find to make a new recipe from The New York Times food blog. I also loaded up on 6 heads of GORGEOUS Boston lettuce, grown hydroponically on the Eastern Shore. The farmer's table was nothing but Boston lettuce, and each head looked like a rose. It sounds totally cheesy, but the lettuce looked almost floral - like a table of green flower petals. I was entranced.

I spent the next 3 hours at home peeling beets in a white apron, and by the time I was done, I looked like a serial killer. My hands were stained red, and I had bright red smears all over my apron. Plus I was yielding a knife with much less respect than it deserved.

We served the beet salad and the garden salad on Sunday, along with copious amounts of gourmet beef, and the guests really seemed to enjoy it! I was anxious for feedback since this recipe calls for raw beets, and I always cook my beets before serving. I'll make it again, but on a smaller scale!


Timothy said...


You need to stop procrastinating or find a new topic to write about, if this food one has expired. I can help with this:

1) Infinite ways my brother is awesome
2) "Never the same" recipes of my brother's
3) "Beer-drinker's guide to the galaxy" by my brother
4) "Real doctor's or fake doctor's: an in-depth look at the practitioners and fakers of our medicinal societies" by my brother
5) "How to get sand out of those dark places" by my brother
6) "How to survive eating anything your sister cooks (attempts to)" by my brother
7) "How to get ahead in life in the generation of men raised by women" by my brother

That should be a good number for you to choose from. If any tickle your fancy please feel free to let me know so my mind can start running loose again.

Erin McElwain said...

I came across this salad and thought of you, because you are the only one I know who would blog about Beets!