Sunday, August 3, 2008

A weekend of eating well...and getting older

Yesterday was my XXth birthday...ahem. My best girlfriends, Diana and Ashley, and I had planned a baby shower for our long-time friend, Erin, at the Millmont Grille in Charlottesville. We had a great turnout for the shower, and the three of us loved seeing Erin so happy.

Diana, who is completely perplexed at the content on this blog (her memories of my cooking include me burning canned ravioli and eating cookies covered in garlic) bought me a very thoughtful gift. As a fellow blogger, she knows the importance of capturing your thoughts while you're in the moment, so she treated me to a vintage Italian journal to record my culinary fancies when I'm out and about. And cocktail napkins for any drop-in visitors :)

We came back to my parents' house in Massanutten for a block party with all Elk Lane neighbors. I had NO idea who anyone was, but I will give major kudos for the hearty potluck buffet. Southern potlucks are to die for. I try to eat healthy all the time, but when the southern casseroles and creamy salads line up, I'm a complete sucker. Bowtie macaroni salad, broccoli-grape salad, homestyle green beans with ham, baked beans with green peppers, Amish potato salad, smoked pork and homemade BBQ chicken wings...and $300 dollar cake, courtesy of my mom.

My dad and mom had come prepared with birthday candles and matches, so they sang Happy Birthday to me in our neighbor's garage over mom's orange cake with butter cream icing and pecans. Random setting, but perfect outcome :)

But by 9:00pm, I was small-talked out. Baby showers and block parties had me spent. Today we're celebrating my sister's birthday, and we're currently preparing a feast of grilled shrimp with mango chutney over coconut rice with root beer floats for dessert. Can someone please roll me back to Baltimore?

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