Friday, August 1, 2008

Great sangria find

My girlfriend, Lindsay, was unable to join us at GoG Wednesday night, so she and I made separate plans to grab a drink at Paolo's in Towson last night to catch up.

It's been a while since I've been to Paolo's, but they had just the after work cocktail I needed - a gorgeous light pink glass of white sangria. I'm usually a red sangria girl, but our charming server said a famed chef from DC swears the white is the best sangria he's had in a long time.

Ok, twist my arm. Ladies and gentlemen, it was delicious! Light and fruity, full of pineapple with a splash of grapefruit. Don't mind if I have another!

Just for kicks, Lindsay and I split the crispy eggplant served on top of marinara with a "puff of goat cheese", according to the menu, and the portabello mushroom bruschetta with roasted peppers, pesto and balsamic syrup.

But little did I know I had a pre-birthday dinner being prepared at home for me! More on that later...

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