Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls on Grapes goes pink

My girlfriends and I are members of Girls on Grapes (GoG), the wine education club for girls only at Bin 604. About once a month, our little group joins about 18 other women for one hour of wine education on a featured grape or region of the month, such as Shiraz, Bordeaux, Champagne, etc.

Bin hosts GoG about twice a week every week after work, and we've come to cherish this one hour (that we usually drag into 2 by closing the shop down). I would HIGHLY recommend this club to any girlfriends looking for an excuse to drink wine in a great shop and play catch up. Ryan is typically our sommelier for the tastings, and she's incredibly knowledgeable and gracious as we get louder with each new tasting :)

Wednesday was our GoG for July, and we sampled six Roses. To be honest, I didn't fall for any of them, but I appreciated the variety of blends and regions. Four of the wines were from France, one from Spain and one from Austria. One takeaway lesson: only drink new Roses. If they're a 2005 or younger, don't buy them. They need to be enjoyed while they're young.

Since my friends and I kept chatting away after the class officially ended, Ryan treated us to tastes of the new 2007 Cat Amongst the Piegons Shiraz - one of my favorites!

I left the store with a bottle of champagne, Cat Amongst the Pigeons 2007 Shiraz, and a Cabernet Sauvignon from The Show - a smoky, brooding wine that I fell in love with at a previous GoG.

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