Saturday, June 28, 2008

Waverly Market + Shakespeare = Great potential

I usually visit only the Sunday farmer's market under I-83, but I was anxious for a farmer's market today, so I made my first pilgrimage to Waverly Market on 32nd. Apparently this is the original Baltimore farmer's market, and people always sing its praises - even those who frequent the I-83 market. I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

True to form, I missed Barclay Street and had to drive around in search of a clear street sign. Waverly Market was a lot more organized than I-83 market. Neat white tents lined up in rows and seemingly fewer people. Unlike I-83, there were no vendors preparing food to order. It was all produce for sale.

I was so excited to see the first Maryland tomatoes! What a beautiful sight, all red and delicious. I was going through tomato withdrawal. I walked away with an aching shoulder from lugging around a full bag of veggies. But that's a pain I'm happy to endure :)

We're heading to the Shakespeare Summer Festival tonight at Evergreen Museum, and I've turned my morning purchases into delightful tapas for light snacking at the show. It's too hot to eat anything heavy, so fresh, simply prepared produce is a great compromise. We're off!

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