Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back at it

Joe and I were on vacation in Mexico last week, and we did a little visualization exercise together. Long story short, one of the outcomes of our conversation was that I wanted to recommit to my blog. We do a great job of taking advantage of the Boston food scene, and I miss being plugged in to the local foodie community like I felt I was in Baltimore. So there should be more regular postings to come as I get back at it.

Starting with last night. I met up with my sis, who moved to Boston just after I did, to catch up on vacation stories. After a brief gab fest at the office, we decided to check out the Marliave bar where our cousin, Anna, recently started bar tending. We thought we could be her "easy money" for the night while she practices on other customers.

You have to want to find the Marliave. It's tucked down a dark side street off on Tremont on Bowsworth, at the very end of the block. But it's in a great location near Suffolk Law School, the Common, and the historic Omni Parker House.

It's an awesome setting if you dig vintage bars - real vintage, as in 1885. Most of the interior is white tile with minimal black accent tile. The food is French-inspired, courtesy of the founder, Henry Marliave.

For the record, you will be best advised to order the house-cut fries IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. A side portion is a hearty helping of thick fries seasoned with rosemary. They're heavenly, and my poor sister didn't stand a chance when she ordered a side for herself last night. I tried to fool myself into thinking I wouldn't touch hers, but let's be honest, I have no willpower.

I ordered a glass of the Lambrusco and the side portion of the wild mushroom risotto. They have an entree serving of the risotto, but after seeing the deep cereal bowl-size side portion, I can't FATHOM consuming an entree. The risotto was very satisfying, although I could have done with fewer large mushrooms and more small mushrooms mixed in. I ended up leaving a small pile of oyster mushrooms in the bottom of the bowl. Probably because I was too full from sniping fries off E's plate. Doh.

Anna recommended we head upstairs to check out the really awesome dining room, but we ran out of time. Sex and the City 2 was calling at 8pm down the street! Now, I'm a huge S&TC fan, and I probably quote the show and movie an obnoxious amount. ("I may not send texts, and I may not get texts, but the subtext of that text - boo-tay.") So no surprise that I really enjoyed S&TC2, despite poor reviews from critics and friends. It's pure entertainment, people! Don't take it seriously! Without giving it away for those who haven't seen it, I think Carrie got off a little too easy at the very end. That seemed a bit too far fetched, even to me.

But it's all in good fun!

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